Trick Photography Examples

Trick Photography Photos

If you love photography, and particularly great pictures, you’re going to love the trick photography examples on this site.

These are not your everyday images, these images have impact, they are images that make you wonder “How did he do that?”

The photo shown here are a very small sample I have obtained from the photographer who has thousands.  He also has a number of techniques that he uses and I have only scratched the surface with the examples I use here.  For more information please scroll down to the bottom where you can learn more.

But first – enjoy these trick photography examples I have put together for your pleasure.

Surreal images of the outline of a car and a laming logo on a tar road at night with star streaks in the background


If you are looking to improve your photography skills it is inevitable that you will come across Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau.  All the photographs on this page are from his book.

It’s easy to conclude that his photos are the result of a lot of Photoshop editing but they aren’t, he only uses Photoshop for about 1/3rd of his images.  The “light painting” images you see above and below were all done without any photo editing software.

Four different light orbs using a variety of trick photography techniques all producing stunningly different effects


Whether your goal is to master light painting, amazing and humorous portraits or stunning infra-red landscapes, he has all the photography tricks.  Once you see what he can do and how he does it you will probably want to master everything he teaches.

Take  a look at some of his work and you will be surprised and delighted at what you find. The selection in these pages is a very small proportion of his overall portfolio.  To view over 300 more click the link below.

Visit “Trick Photography and Special Effects” official website.

An infra-red landscape in purple and white of a lake and trees
An infra-red shot of a city done in gold with white trees in foreground. Very unusual contrasts


Humorous portraits of distorted face done with trick photography

Hard to believe this is the same guy!

Would you like to be able to take photographs like these?

Trick Photography Techniques

Learn more about the techniques used in these images from Evan Sharboneau.

A photo of a man floating on his back on air with only one arm to support himself

This image of Evan seeming to float on air was done with devious trickery and then finished off in Photoshop.

It’s quite amazing how many of these photos are done with no third party to assist. You can do most of them entirely on your own.

Two different examples of trick photography. One photo of stairs engulfed in what appear to be flames and another of a man under a street light, only his image is in focus - the rest is blurred

The flaming stairs is an intriguing photo as the “flames” engulf the structure yet it doesn’t appear to be burning.

The photo on the right was taken by simply attaching a blur filter to the front of the lens to create this dramatic effect

These next two images were created with a long exposure and burning steel wool.  Obviously taken at night the subjects are stationery while a 2nd person spins the steel wool be hid to create the sparking effect.

Two dramatic night images of a person swinging glowing steel wool showering sparks

This is a special and potentially dangerous technique.   Do not try this at home without learning how to do it safely.

And to finish off this page one of my favourite shots from Evan’s collection.

A beautiful snow covered landscape with setting sun. Photographed using special effect filters to enhance mood and give a cold crisp undertone.

The page you are currently viewing is a very small sample of the different techniques that Evan teaches in his book.  Most of his techniques are based on a thorough understanding of his camera, the lenses he uses, filters and most importantly lighting and how it effects what the camera sees and how it interprets it.

If you understand how the camera works then manipulating the scene to create something unusual and spectacular becomes easier and of course is a lot of fun.

Part of that fun is finding that what you have trident achieve has not quite worked.  Sometimes the unexpected results are more spectacular than what you were trying to create.  Now that is success!

About a third of what he teaches uses Photoshop to create effect and merge different images.  Lots of fun but a bit of a learning curve.

I strongly recommend getting his book to learn all that he teaches – with a 60 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

See my full and unbiased review of Evan Sharboneau’s trick photography book by clicking here.

You can see more trick photography examples on the pages of this site or visit

for over 300 different photos and techniques.

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