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Trick Photography and Special Effects Review

Evan Sharboneau is the creator of the “Trick Photography and Special Effects” e-book which includes over 9 hours of video footage showcasing his and other top photographer’s techniques.  It is a well presented document which, at first reading, appears to be very technical but the flow of the material is such that each step leads fluently into the next.

Information About the Creator of the Trick Photography Book.

from the trick photography book - Silhouettes of people photographed in contrasting bright colors agains a black backdropEvan is a self-confessed photographic nut.

He is one of those rare people lucky enough to have an interest in technology as well as a very artistic mind that clearly thinks out of the box.  Once you see some of the photographs he dreams up you will understand exactly what I mean.

In Trick Photography and Special Effects Evan tells you what you need and where to get it at the best price. Many of his props are normal everyday items that you will find in your house.

Don’t worry if the technical specifications of your camera are hard to understand, or if you aren’t sure if your camera is “good enough” for trick photography.

Evan bought his initial camera, a Nikon D50, based on one simple need and this basic entry level DSLR was enough to keep him going for the first two years. The D50 is now his back-up camera and is still used extensively.

He spent 2 years mastering his Nikon D50 before upgrading to a Nikon D300S. His reason for staying with Nikon was because the Nikon lenses fit all Nikon camera bodies.

You do not need a fancy top of the range camera to learn his techniques.

Evan suggests that a basic entry level Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera is perfect to start with.

Here is what Evan has to say about selecting your camera:

Just remember not to stress about what camera to get in the beginning; It is not important. Just go to the store and get whatever feels right. You will know when to upgrade to a better camera when the time comes.”

What You Get With  the Trick Photography and Special Effects Book

In a nutshell you get a massive amount of excellent advice and detailed techniques, with videos to his, and other top photographer’s, methods.

The 295 page Trick Photography and Special effects e-book, with photos and accompannying videos is broken into 4 sections:

· Preliminaries in which Evan has a brief discussion on equipment covering things such as camera body, lenses, tripods and Photoshop.

If you are worried about having to spend thousands of dollars to master trick photography then these 2 pages will put you very much at ease – the equipment you currently have is probably adequate, although you do need a good tripod to make things a lot easier.

Light Painting and Long Exposure Effects.

At 119 pages this section has an incredible amount of information on exposure and lighting.

Creator of Trick Photography book projecting a vivid red pattern from his hands

How does he do that?

Beginning with long exposure, (A tripod is a must) Evan moves through the various camera settings that can be used for different effects giving examples to illustrate his points.  He goes into great detail about the different types of lights that can be used and although I had never given it that much thought I was totally blown away by the huge variety available:

Everything from flashlights and LEDs, fiber optics, Maglights, key chains, multi-colored LEDs, LED strips (with or without control boxes and how to construct them), Bayco lights, fairy lights, sparklers, steel wool and a whole heap more.

In his trick photography book Evan shows you exactly how to draw orbs, outline objects, create amazing portraits and photographing lightning and much much more.

Waterfalls photographed with a long exposure and dark filters to make the water look frozen

I particularly enjoyed the information on using dark filters to make lengthy daytime exposures which blur water (such as in a waterfall or waves), star trails with a foreground daylight image (no I’m not going crazy) and Solargraphy – which I had never heard of!

Packed with 9 hours worth of incredibly detailed video tutorials, just reading and watching will keep you entertained for hours.

Camera Illusions

In this section the importance of understanding how your camera works is highlighted. What you learn in the first section, on lighting and exposure, clicks in here and being familiar with your camera, before trying these techniques, is essential.

The material covered is extensive (98 pages worth) and it is amazing what can be done with your camera setting and a few extra bits of gear.

There is just too much to cover in detail in a review such as this so the following is a brief synopsis of what he covers.

The first part is the old tricks where you line up a foreground image with something in the background so that it creates an optical illusion.  You know the type I mean – such as someone with a pyramid being held in the palm of the hand.  This is the sort of trick photography that can be done with any camera and does not require much skill.  However the next bit is a lot more interesting where he creates images that appear to defy gravity and nature in general.

This is not technically challenging photography but it does create some awesome images.

The 3D photography chapter is freaky and interesting and something I have never tried before but then came the fun stuff; high speed photography where an image is frozen to a microsecond. This is the what great photos are made of and you might need special equipment – such as a Micro flash system but these are expensive pieces of equipment and you are unlikely to need anything more than your regular external flash system.

In the videos, Evan shows exactly how these amazing photographs are taken using ordinary equipment.  I really enjoyed the section on “bubbles” as I have always wondered how the photographer seems to be able to take such clear images – now I too can do it!

He shows you exactly how to make special effect prisms, photograph smoke, Bokeh photography, double exposures and HDR and infrared photography.  The latter two categories are my absolute favourites and I want to master them immediately. Fortunately they require no special gear other than Photoshop.

Getting near the end of this section he explains in great detail the way to take awesome panoramas.  If you are like me then this is for you. Great for those truly memorable holiday photos where the usual one dimension photo just does not do the scene justice.  Check out the home page and our gallery page to see some of the photos from the Trick Photography Book.

And finally he ends off with “Time-Displacement Photography via Scanner” which produces some pretty humorous and gruesome stuff.  I swear the man is a nut!

Photoshop Projects.  This section runs to 70 comprehensive pages. You are shown how to use Photoshop to manipulate images to create a whole new image.  You get a lot of practical advice and how to instructions. I think photo editing is quite a steep learning curve for the average photographer but it’s well worth learning if this is the route you want to go. You can certainly create some awesome photographs with it and really are limited only by your imagination.

Will This Make You an Expert Trick Photographer?

Like most things in life if you don’t put anything in you won’t get much out.  If you look at Evan’s photographs I am sure you will agree that he is an expert at trick photography.

I do think though that the proof of any product lies in a satisfied customer and I would like to comment on what Mr Joe Benson had to say about Evan’s book.

Who is Joe Benson?

He is the Gallery Director of Envisions Gallery in Atascadero in California.  Joe has a lot of experience in photography and is friends with some very well known artists but says quite categorically that Trick Photography and Special Effects is his #1 favourite book.  He goes on to say that the book is a game changer for all creative artists and that every photographer should have one.

He ends his letter to Evan by saying:

Unbelievable, amazing and well documented Evan! Congratulations!

That’s exactly how I felt when I read through this book and I really could not have phrased it any better.


There is a massive amount of incredible information contained in this book and if there is a negative it can only be that it may be a little overwhelming.  I for one was astounded at how much information Evan shares.

But don’t let the volume of information put you off. There is no time limit and this book, the ideas and techniques Evan shares will serve you for a very long time, so master each section at your leisure.

There are also “bonus”  e-books which cover 4 distinct subjects:

1. Core Photography Fundamentals

2. Introduction to External Flash

3. Filters For Lenses and Plug-Ins For Photoshop

4. How to Make Money With Photography

All are as comprehensive as the main PDF and are a very useful addition to what he teaches.

This is the only official website for Trick Photography and Special Effects. If you come across any site that says you can master these techniques with any camera (other than a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) you can be sure that is not the official site.

Trick Photography and Special Effects is also the only site offering the bonus e-books.

My Verdict?

What are you waiting for?

Click Here To Visit Evans Official Website.


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